As Well as the Nick & Scott Brand Our team can assist in various areas of the F&B industry.

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-Recipe and Menu Development / Food Concept Development

-New Product Development / Brand Consultation 

-Food Projects / Chef and Front of house Training & development

-Teaching classes / Events

-Live events / Demonstrations

-Concept-to-launch new product development (NPD)

-Product innovation / Development of unlaunched products

-Manufacturing process troubleshooting / Product/line development using existing manufacturing techniques

-Advising NPD teams, including on product ideas/inspiration

-Staff training and new process implementation /

-Restaurant set-up consultation / Kitchen planning and design

-Equipment advice and recommendations / Chef manual production

-Chef training / Menu development

-Mystery diner (current standard analysis) 

-Food styling for online and offline publications /Food styling for marketing and PR

Creation of new, original recipes /  Creation of new, original recipes for magazines and other publications

-Development of recipes for specific equipment or ingredients

-Creation of recipes for specialty/ethical food industry organizations


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